Organic Balance Massage Therapy
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Rapid City, South Dakota 57701
(605) 430-6596
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Tammy is absolutely the best massage therapist ever! She seems to intuitively know just what your mind, body and soul needs and provides her massage magic in a most comfortable and relaxing environment. I would recommend to anyone.

Marilyn M.,   Rapid City, SD

Tammy does an excellent job giving a massage and instructing me about how to keep my body in better condition by working smarter. I wear a tool belt a lot of the time as well as periods of desk work. By the end of a session I am nearly asleep I am so relaxed. I recommend Tammy to anyone looking for a fantastic massage by someone who knows the body and how the muscles work together.

Mike W. ,  Rapid City, SD

Tammy is not only a gifted massage therapist, she's also very intuitive and knows exactly what energy work is needed for bringing one's body, mind and spirit back into balance!  If you want to relieve stress and get back your well-being, schedule a massage with Tammy--you won't be disappointed.  I really enjoyed my 90 minutes.

Janet P
.  , Little Elm, TX


I just got a massage at Organic Balance and I was extremely satisfied with the massage and the overall experience, I would highly recommend them in the future.

Beau H.
Tammy Minnich is a Certified Massage Therapist located in Rapid City, South Dakota. Along with her massage therapist certification, Tammy also is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer. Her specialties include hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish relaxation therapy, sports massage, Lomi Lomi, and energetic balancing. She is further knowledgeable in aromatherapy, Solfeggio frequencies, Native American healing traditions, gemstone therapy, color therapy and sound therapy.    Tammy has studied the healing arts in Minnesota, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Japan, and the Netherlands, as well as her native South Dakota. She is a seeker, always looking for new techniques and bodywork practices that will aid in the restoration of her clients' organic balance.

“If you want to experience one of the best massages of your life, make an appointment with Tammy. She has devoted her life to the study of the physiology of the body (she is a personal trainer) & how the energy of the body, mind & spirit connect.

Yes, that sounds a little woo-woo. And I am often skeptical of such claims, but somehow it works. I leave her massages with the kinks relieved in both my body & mind.” ---  TMP

"Tammy is amazing! She takes the whole body into consideration not only to relax you but to relieve the problem areas. I am a firm believer in her techniques and would recommend her to anyone!" --Alan Maas

“Tammy is the best!  I have been receiving massages from her since the 1980s.   You will not find another massage therapist that is "in tune" with the body.   Tammy's credentials are outstanding.   She is a nationally certified massage therapist and a nationally certified personal trainer and nutritional consultant.   She not only provides massages that are very relaxing but can recommend exercise and nutritional advice tailored to your body type and profession.   I look forward to her massages for many, many years.” --   Deborah W.